Leeway Odyssey

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MV LEEWAY ODYSSEY specifications


  • Six additional single or double cabins, each recently outfitted with separate washroom (shower, head, sink)
  • Comfortable lounge for dining and entertainment
  • Large, fully operational galley

Working Deck  

  • 7500 WLL Hydraulic A-Frame
  • Unique hydraulic-actuated stern ramp with Braydon winch to support small boat launch and recovery in demanding sea conditions
  • Stern ramp has a unique design to support positive control launch and recovery of sensitive equipment, including AUV’s and gliders, via stern ramp cradle
  • HIAB crane supporting main deck and over-the-side evolutions (1300kg WLL at 3m)
  • STBD hydraulic trawling winches and davits rated to 1000 lbs with bulwark cutout
  • Twelve-foot removable bulwark on the port side to accommodate payload side launch
  • Open deck to facilitate installation of additional winches and payloads
  • Stern propulsion control station enables good synergy between deck crew operations and vessel movements
  • ISO container configuration to support 1 TEU
  • Wheelhouse top manual davits with 500 kg WLL

Ship Particulars  

  • Finely tuned propulsion system for fuel efficiency and cost savings (including new CAT diesel generators, recently rebuilt main engines, and new gearbox, shafting and propellers)
  • Low prismatic coefficient enables good hydrodynamic flow around the hull when at mooring or slow-speed trawling
  • Shallow draught of the hull supports sustained on-station marine service
  • Two Cummins V12 diesel main propulsion engines: 1600KW installed power
  • Two CAT c6.6 diesel generators 125KW each through main switchboard
  • Diesel propulsion and aluminum hull provide good fuel economy for daily operations
  • Operations up to 200 nautical miles from shore
  • Bow thruster in bulbous bow
  • Length: 37.16 m
  • Breadth: 8.23 m
  • Depth: 3.41 m
  • Gross tonnage: 345.73 T
  • Cruising range: 1800 nm
  • Cruising speed: 12.5 kts
  • Fuel capacity: 53m3
  • Twin rudder
  • Twin prop


Bridge Navigating and Communication Suite  

  • One HF/MF radio telephone – NCT 196N DSC – NBDP Modem
  • Auto directional finder – Simrad TAIYO receiver TD-L 1550
  • Port and starboard Sperry Marine radars
  • Sailor RT5022 and Sailor RT2047 VHF radios
  • Wind speed and direction indicator
  • Closed caption TV cameras for working deck
  • GMDSS radio telephone – JRC JSB196 GM
  • Two clear view windows with heaters
  • ISIC radar display
  • Two search lights
  • Skipper depth indicator
  • Sperry Marine gyro
  • GMDSS radar receiver – Navtex
  • UPS power backup
  • Electronic chart system
  • Loud hailer microphone