Health and Safety

LeeWay Marine places a priority on providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and clients. All employees and clients onboard our vessels must be dedicated to the continuing objective of reducing the risk of incidents and injury while on and off our vessels.

Through our rigorous Safety Management System, and auxiliary back office and shipboard processes, LeeWay ensures the proper planning, training and response to all safety concerns.

odyssey crane

Our policies and processes focus on:

  • Clearly defining roles, responsibilities and expectations for crew and clients
  • Reducing workplace hazards with the proper use of PPE – including continuous training while at-sea
  • Properly tracking, recording, and following-up on near-misses and incidents
  • Rigorous planned maintenance routines that go above-and-beyond OEM and regulatory requirements for machinery and life-saving appliances
  • Routine onboard training for locations and proper use of all life-saving appliances and fire-fighting equipment
  • Keeping all spaces – especially working areas – clean and free of hazards and debris
  • Ensuring adherence to all environmental regulations with regards to waste, sewage, oil/lubricants and antifouling