RV Novus

RV Novus is a 23-metre, stable and efficient platform for hydrographic and acoustic survey applications.

Designed and constructed by Abeking & Rasmussen of Germany, RV Novus is a state-of-the-art SWATH (Small-waterplane-area Twin Hull) vessel with extraordinary sea-keeping abilities. The design supports near-to-mid shore survey operations for charting and mapping, offshore wind development, cable inspection, fish stock assessments and benthic surveying.

The full galley and heads can support up to 10 personnel for day operations, and eight berths provide accommodations for overnight and 24-hour operations.

RV Novus is permanently fitted with the latest in science and survey equipment, including:

  • Hull-mounted Kongsberg 2040-04 Multibeam Sonar
  • Hull-mounted EK80 Echo Sounder
  • POS MV OceanMaster
  • AML Sound Velocity Profiler
  • Dual Furuno ECDIS
RV Novus is Ideal For:
  • Near-to-mid shore survey operations
  • Charting and mapping
  • Offshore wind development support
  • Crew transfer
  • Cable inspections
  • Ghost gear detection and recovery
  • Fish stock assessments
Working Deck Specifications:
  • 63m2 aft working deck
  • 20m2 forward working deck
  • Knuckle crane (450 kg WLL)
  • Davit with winch (225 kg WLL)
  • Port side overboarding lift
  • 14’ aluminum support/survey vessel
  • Seawater access on deck


Shipwreck located by RV Novus in Nova Scotia
Shipwreck mapped in Nova Scotia using RV Novus' EM2040-04 Multibeam Sonar


RV Novus in Drydock

Top Speed: 16 knots

Cruise Speed: 10 knots

Survey Speed: ~5 knots

Length: 23 m

Depth: 3 m

Beam: 13 m

Construction: Aluminum

POB (w/o crew): 6 during day ops, 4 during 24-hour ops

Berths: 8