LeeWay Striker

LeeWay Striker is the world’s fastest research and hydrographic survey vessel. The Striker is 22 metres in length, with a top speed of approximately 55 knots. It is a high-performance craft optimized for near-to-mid shore survey and research operations.

Striker has a modern, composite hull, with a 500 nautical-mile range. It can accommodate multi-day operations with six berths for crew and scientists. Its innovations include speed, stability and integrated electronics to ensure responsiveness and flexibility in operations. Striker’s aft deck supports fast-roping and USV/UAV/UUV/AUV deployment. The work deck is configured with deck plates, multiple davits, winches, an A-frame and outriggers to support the use of boomer/sparker, USBL, MBES, SSS, magnetometer and drop camera operations.

Striker is ideal for:
  • near-to-mid shore hydrographic surveys
  • rapid environmental response 
  • search and rescue 
  • rapid subsea data acquisition 
  • rapid offshore installation inspection 
  • modular payload integration
Working deck specifications:
  • rear A-Frame (450 kg rating)
  • movable davit with pot hauler (340 kg rating)
  • configurable deck mounting system for winches and scientific equipment
  • port and starboard side USM XL Pole
  • stern-mountable outriggers for equipment towing
  • stern dive platform for equipment launch and recovery
  • rapid integration of survey equipment on deck and in the wheel house



leeway striker


Top Speed: 55 knots

Cruise Speed: 30 knots

Survey Speed: As low as 2-3 knots

Length: 22 m

Depth: <2 m

Beam: 5 m

Construction: Composite

POB (w/o crew): 7

Berths: 6