LeeWay Odyssey

Leeway Odyssey is a 38-metre all aluminum oceanographic research vessel with a beam of 7.6-metres. It is outfitted for year-round coastal service with around the clock operations.

The vessel is fully Transport Canada certified as Near Coastal 1, meeting all safety requirements and regulations. Odyssey has a safety management system (SMS) and preventative maintenance program in place which means it can operate up to 200 nm offshore with modern navigational and electronics equipment. 

Odyssey has a full open back deck for many types of support services in science and research development, including: 

  • bottom and core sampling 
  • water sampling 
  • ocean bottom mapping 
  • resource protection recovery 
  • fishing gear removal 
  • buoy maintenance and inspections 
  • remote vehicle operations 
  • training and education 

Open Deck

LeeWay Odyssey open deck

Centre Line Winch

Leeway Odyssey with centre line winch on deck

Boat Launch

Leeway Odyssey Boat Launch

Steel Plate

Leeway Odyssey steel plate
LeeWay Odyssey Docking


Cruise Speed: 12.5 knots

Length: 37.16 m

Beam: 8.23 m

Construction: Aluminum

Voyage Certificate: Transport Canada Near Coastal 1

POB (w/o crew): 11