All vessels are owned, operated and maintained by LeeWay Marine’s experienced technical team. This vertically integrated framework enables reliable, safe and cost effective marine sector solutions.

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RV Novus in Drydock

RV Novus is a 23-metre, stable and efficient platform for hydrographic and acoustic survey applications.

LeeWay Striker

LeeWay Striker is 22 metres in length, with a top speed of approximately 55 knots. It is a high-performance craft optimized for near-to-mid shore survey and research operations.

LeeWay Odyssey

LeeWay Odyssey is a 37-metre aluminum oceanographic research vessel suited for a wide range of data collection and deployment activities.

LeeWay Venture

Built in Nova Scotia, LeeWay Venture is a lightweight, 7-metre vessel designed for near shore survey and support work.