In-Service Support

Our team cares deeply about the quality of work we perform on vessels. It is a culture that was created long before LeeWay existed; it is technical ethos built over the last 30 years of collectively managing Canadian warships and submarines across the full spectrum of the current naval maintenance regime. The team has collectively managed every aspect of naval maintenance on all existing platforms, including the new Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS).

LeeWay has a small in-house ship repair team that covers most first and second line maintenance activities for LeeWay vessels and third-party managed vessels. The team is augmented periodically for surge capacity using a combination of new hires (generally former Royal Canadian Navy technicians) and through our strategic partnerships with key local sub-contractors.  

We bring this level of expertise to the safe and effective management of vessels for our clients, by supporting:

  1. Maintenance and repairs during unplanned maintenance periods, short work periods and docking work periods

  1. Mobile and deployed repairs including offshore and remote locations 

  1. Maintenance management 

  1. Engineering design review

Ocean Seeker Drydock