Science Expeditions

The world around us is constantly evolving and changing, and the ocean is no different. We believe in creating a safer, cleaner, more productive ocean for generations to come, which is why we support science-based expeditions.

We’ve partnered with non-profit research organizations, government departments, private companies and educational institutions to plan, coordinate and execute science expeditions from the East Coast of North America to the Canadian Arctic. These efforts all have the common goal of working towards developing a better understanding of our ocean environment and finding ways to preserve and protect it.

Our team is experienced in planning and executing science expeditions, even in the most remote places. We've facilitated fish stock assessments, acoustic surveys, ground-truthing, hydrographic mapping, marine mammal surveys and water sampling along the eastern coast of North America and in the Canadian Arctic. LeeWay's expertise ensures a well-executed mission by thoroughly planning fuelling, provisioning, port calls, goods transport and more.

Imappivut Expedition


Imappivut, an Inuttitut word that means “Our Oceans”, is a marine plan in Nunatsiavut, Northern Labrador, that focuses on learning about the environment from local community members and using science to complement that understanding.

In the summer of 2019, the team from Oceana Canada, along with community members, embarked on a two-week journey aboard LeeWay Odyssey and LeeWay Striker to gather baseline information for a long-term marine plan. Both vessels supported the operation by investigating areas of ecological and cultural interest by using knowledge sharing, drop-camera studies, water sampling and more.


Route planning

Small vessel with iceberg