Ocean Technology Testing & Research

At LeeWay, we understand the importance of developing new technologies and testing them in the real world. That’s why we’re located at the Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  
We partner with small start-ups, the Nova Scotia Community College and large-scale organizations to test and validate new technologies continuously. At our core, our mission is to further the advancement of ocean-related technologies and support students looking to enter into the industry. 
Our vessels offer a variety of configurations and sizes to meet the needs of organizations looking to complete research at sea.

leeway odyssey

LeeWay Odyssey

LeeWay’s largest research vessel is the 130-foot, multi-purpose platform MV LeeWay Odyssey. Formerly used as a scientific research vessel and Canadian Coast Guard surveillance vessel, the Odyssey can comfortably accommodate up to 12 researchers for a sustained period of time.

  • The Odyssey has the following features that make it uniquely suited for research: 
  • large and open main deck with 7500 WLL lifting capacity, if required 
  • modular arrangement for the fit-out of bespoke support infrastructure 
  • operations room offering server capability, suitable for a scientific lab and data capture 
  • hydrodynamic hull form for operational efficiency 
  • sizeable black and grey water storage as well as oil water separator system that enables Odyssey to operate with a relatively low environmental impact operations capability up to 200 nautical miles from shore 
  • shallow draught hull - suitable for sustained inshore support in areas most other larger ships are unable to operate in

LeeWay Striker

LeeWay Striker is a multi-purpose high speed craft.  Striker offers the unique opportunity to get to areas of operation quickly and efficiently. With its speed and capability it also creates cost savings as the vessel is able to spend less time on the water with a smaller safe manning requirement.  With a large aft deck, Striker can carry unusually large payloads for a vessel of its size. Striker is the perfect vessel for launching, recovering and rescuing ocean technology and for short research operations, using her davit, a-frame and pole mount systems.

LeeWay Venture

The 26-foot vessel is ideal for inshore ocean technology and research day trips. Her steady and capable design creates a winning combination for research and ocean technology applications. The vessel is fitted with a davit and pot hauler for launching and recovering equipment.