Naval Support Training

LeeWay Marine’s team has extensive naval experience and expertise allowing it to provide seamless support for today’s complex training exercises at sea. Our team has conducted naval operations at home and abroad, giving us the knowledge and capability to support naval exercises anywhere along the Canadian and US Eastern Seaboard.



boarding odyssey


Boarding and Assault Training

  • Odyssey provides an excellent platform for naval boarding party, special forces boarding and assault training serials. 
  • Use of experienced former naval experts to create realistic operational environments that suit the full spectrum of the trainee experience, if required.

Integrated Target Solutions

  • Integrated target solutions for the naval task group offer warship commanders and the command teams more realistic, asymmetric target-tracking and gunnery exercises. 
  • Integrated operations room provides an effective and comfortable space for target specialists to control the vehicles.


LeeWay Odyssey is well-suited to provide a wide range of cost-effective capabilities and integrated solutions to enhance naval training exercises, including providing a testing platforms for defence related technologies. Odyssey’s comfortable accommodations provide an ideal support platform for defence contractors to remain on station without affecting naval crewing.


LeeWay Striker is a multipurpose high speed craft that has innumerable applications in Naval Defence. Its speed, agility and power offer a solution that is not currently available anywhere else in North America.