Hydrographic & Geophysical Survey

LeeWay Marine has deep experience and technical capability for supporting Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey operations. We have conducted successful surveys for local organizations along with large multinational corporations, from New England to the Arctic. This experience includes work in cable route and seismic surveying.

Our philosophy of modular design enables a very wide range of equipment layouts and deployment options, including the transporting of LeeWay Venture on the deck of LeeWay Odyssey to the survey field.

We design and implement solutions that enable survey organizations to quickly and easily install their equipment of choice aboard our vessels.





We have expertise in supporting: 
  • CPT 
  • gravity coring 
  • multi-beam sonar 
  • vibra-coring 
  • side scan sonar 
  • USBL 
  • grab sampling   


Leeway Venture provides shallow water support for any hydrographic survey requirements. Venture can be transported to survey sites on LeeWay Odyssey, reducing transit cost and increasing the efficiency of survey operations using two vessels, and one crew. 


The main deck (30’x25’) is fitted with a hydraulic 7500 lbs WLL A Frame (11’ w x 14’ h) with 7’ extension over the transom. Additionally, the main deck is fitted with a robust plated steel frame used for winch and equipment installations per the client’s requirements. The frame is fitted with ISO locks in a 10’ and 20’ TEU container footprint.  
Optionally, the main deck can be fitted with the Controlled Hydraulic Entry A-Frame Technology (CHEAT) System designed by LeeWay Marine to enable sensitive payloads (6000lbs) to be lowered to the water interface using a dynamic A-Frame and hydraulic ramp control system.