Ocean Technology and Scientific Research Support  



LeeWay Marine has expertise providing support for in-shore and mid-shore research.  Leeway has three vessels (Leeway Odyssey, Leeway Striker and Leeway Venture) that will suit almost any Ocean Technology or Research Requirements.

Leeway’s largest research vessel is the 130-foot, multi-purpose platform MV LEEWAY ODYSSEY (ODYSSEY). Formerly used as a scientific research vessel and Coast Guard surveillance vessel, the ODYSSEY can comfortably accommodate up to 12 researchers for a sustained period of time.

The ODYSSEY has the following features that make it uniquely suited for research:

  • Large and open main deck with 7500 WLL lifting capacity, if required.
  • Modular arrangement for the fit-out of bespoke support infrastructure.
  • Operations room offering server capability, suitable for a scientific lab and data capture (see below).
  • Hydrodynamic hull form for operational efficiency.
  • Sizeable black and grey water storage as well as oil water separator system that enables ODYSSEY to operate with a relatively low environmental impact.
  • Operations capability up to 200 nautical miles from shore.
  • Shallow draught hull  suitable for sustained inshore support in areas most other larger ships are unable to operate in.

Leeway Striker is a multi purpose high speed craft.  Striker offers the unique opportunity to get to areas of operation quickly and efficiently. With its speed and capability it also creates cost savings as the vessel is able to spend less time on the water with a smaller safe manning requirement.  With a large aft deck, Striker can carry unusually large payloads for a vessel of its size.  Striker is the perfect vessel for launching, recovering and rescuing ocean technology and for short research operations.

Leeway Venture, designed and built by Rosborough Boats, is 26ft.  This vessel is ideal for inshore ocean technology and research day trips.  Its steady and capable design creates a winning combination for research and ocean technology applications.

Naval Defence Training Support  

MV Leeway Oddyssey (002)

“Leeway Marine has been instrumental in enabling the sea trials of our next generation thin line towed array. The crew of Odyssey provided exceptional support and help during the trial. Leeway’s commitment toward ensuring we got the data we need out of trial was clear. Leeway Marine has been a key partner in our success.” 

Jean Quiron, Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc.

LeeWay Marine’s team has extensive naval experience and expertise allowing it to provide seamless support for today’s complex training exercises at sea. Our team has conducted naval operations at home and abroad, giving us the knowledge and capability to support naval exercises anywhere along the Canadian and US Eastern Seaboard.

MV LEEWAY ODYSSEY is well-suited to provide a wide range of cost-effective capabilities and integrated solutions to enhance naval training exercises, including providing a testing platforms for defence related technologies.  MV LEEWAY ODYSSEY’s comfortable accommodations an provide an ideal support platform for defence contractors to remain on station without affecting naval crewing.


Leeway Striker is a multipurpose high speed craft that has innumerable applications in Naval Defence.  Its speed, agility and power offer a solution that is not currently available anywhere else in North America.

Some of the unique capabilities of LeeWay Marine and Leeway vessels include:


  • ODYSSEY provides an excellent platform for naval boarding party, special forces boarding and assault training serials.
  • Use of experienced former naval experts to create realistic operational environments that suit the full spectrum of the trainee experience, if required.



  • Integrated target solutions for the naval task group offer warship commanders and the command teams more realistic, asymmetric target-tracking and gunnery exercises.
  • Integrated operations room provides an effective and comfortable space for target specialists to control the vehicles.


Striker is capable of operational speeds over 50 knots, making the platform the world’s fastest Minehunting and Hydrographic Patrol Vessel (MHPV) to deploy to survey areas. The Striker MHPV can be targeted to minehunting and hydrographic seabed survey in littoral waters with operational depths of up to 200 metres

Hydrographic & Geophysical Survey  

Leeway Marine has deep experience and technical capability for Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey operations. We have conducted successful surveys for local organizations along with large multinational corporations. Our philosophy of modular design enables a very wide range of equipment layouts and deployment options, including a Odyssey and Venture combination which creates a force multiplier and economies of scale for clients.

We design and implement solutions that enable survey organizations to quickly and easily install their equipment of choice.



We have expertise in the following areas:

  • CPT
  • Gravity Coring
  • Multi-Beam Sonar
  • Vibra-Coring
  • Side Scan Sonar
  • USBL
  • Grab Sampling

Leeway Venture provides shallow water support for any hydrographic survey requirements.