Our experienced team and fleet of support vessels enable you to get your job done safely and efficiently. We pride ourselves in having experience operating in a number of ocean subsectors - from ocean technology testing and research, to search and rescue training, to hydrographic surveying, and more.

We offer flexibility with a range of vessels that can be configured to your specific needs. In addition, our crew is experienced in the deployment and recovery of:

  • sub-sea targets
  • ocean tracking and monitoring equipment (ADCPs, sounders, hydrophones, etc.)
  • towed bodies
  • side-scan sonars
  • multi-beam sonars
  • AUVs, ASVs and ROVs
  • drop cameras
  • CPT systems

What We Do

We design and implement solutions that enable survey organizations to quickly and easily install their equipment of choice.

Hydrographic survey

LeeWay Marine’s team has extensive naval experience and expertise allowing it to provide seamless support for today’s complex training exercises at sea.

Naval/Search and Rescue Training & Support

LeeWay Marine has expertise providing support for in-shore and mid-shore research. Leeway’s three vessels will suit almost any ocean technology or research requirements. 

Ocean Technology & Research

Whether you are operating an offshore oil platform, or have other fixed assets at sea, LeeWay has the capability to perform routine and exploratory inspections.

Offshore Inspection

LeeWay Marine has capabilities to provide support for truly rapid environmental response.  

Rapid Environmental Response