LeeWay Venture and RV Novus

Venture-ing into the Spotlight

LeeWay Venture was the second vessel to join the LeeWay fleet, in 2017. Small and mighty is the perfect description of Venture; she is a 7m Rosborough vessel, wears many hats and is a workhorse for near shore operations. In 2021, Venture travelled nearly 10,000 km by trailer around Nova Scotia - from Yarmouth to Cape Breton - and navigated more than 1,000 NM for various deployment, recovery, and data collection projects.

With the ability to travel up to 25 NM from shore, she is the ideal candidate for near shore survey and support work. In the past, Venture has even been deployed for work in the Artic as a support vessel for one of our other ships, LeeWay Odyssey. Venture has been fitted for towing various ROVs and AUVs, performing nearshore hydrographic surveys and deploying, servicing, and recovering many types of buoys and oceanographic moorings. She is fitted with a heated cabin with head as well as a small, heated cubby with a workstation for one person.


leeway venture


Outfitted with a brand new Volvo Penta engine, Venture is a nimble and capable vessel that can reach 25+ knots while transiting. Her high speed means she is capable of handling the strong and mighty currents of the Bay of Fundy. Furthermore, as a holder of a Transport Canada Blue Decal, Venture is part of the Small Vessel Compliance Program (SVCP) and goes above and beyond the current equipment and safety requirements for small vessels.

Based out of COVE, Venture can be towed virtually anywhere and can accommodate three people on top of LeeWay’s two crew members.