At LeeWay Marine, we’re enablers. Our team of experienced former Navy members and industry experts understand the importance of detailed mission planning and flawless execution. In combination with our expanding fleet of tactical support vessels, we have the most capable service offering in Atlantic Canada.

Operating from the North Atlantic gives us a unique perspective when it comes to working on the ocean. We’ve experienced the harshest of environments – from New England to Hudson Bay - and bring that knowledge to our daily operations. This experience has resulted in a culture of awareness and safety that is brought to every job we work on.


What We Do

Hydrographic survey

We design and implement solutions that enable survey organizations to quickly and easily install their equipment of choice.

Odyssey in Drydock

In-Service Support

Naval/Search and Rescue Training & Support

LeeWay Marine’s team has extensive naval experience and expertise allowing it to provide seamless support for today’s complex training exercises at sea.

Ocean Technology & Research

LeeWay Marine has expertise providing support for in-shore and mid-shore research. Leeway’s three vessels will suit almost any ocean technology or research requirements. 

LeeWay Odyssey

We’ve partnered with non-profit research organizations, government departments, private companies and educational institutions to plan, coordinate and execute science expeditions from the East Coast of North America to the Canadian Arctic.

Sensor Deployment

LeeWay has extensive knowledge and experience in the launch, recovery and management of a wide array of data loggers and sensors.