OSV is LeeWay’s unique three vessel survey capability that reduces survey time and weather risk by operating LeeWay Odyssey, LeeWay Striker and LeeWay Venture together. The offering provides unheard-of capabilities by utilizing vessel size, speed and technological assets to increase efficiency.


End-to-end solution

Whether you’re surveying inshore littoral waters, or 250nm from shore, the capabilities of the OSV platform are endless. LeeWay Venture and LeeWay Striker have drafts between 0.75-1.5 m, and with Striker’s top speed of 55+ knots, she can meet LeeWay Odyssey 150nm offshore in less than three hours.



>50% efficiency factor

When compared to a one vessel survey, the OSV platform significantly reduces survey times. The force multiplier of having three survey vessels operating simultaneously also reduces weather downtime risk and crew change costs.



Our unique towing arrangement and carrying equipment mean that LeeWay Venture can be transported on the deck of LeeWay Odyssey and LeeWay Striker can be towed – significantly reducing mobilization and demobilization costs to the work site for all three vessels.

OSV Diagram


Mothership approach

Odyssey is the largest vessel in LeeWay’s fleet and is the mothership for the OSV platform. With a full galley and mess, as well as accommodations for 20+ personnel, Odyssey is the home base for all survey, geotechnical and geophysical operations. 12-hour shift rotations ensures that all personnel have a comfortable place to sleep and eat, no matter which vessel they’re working on.


Increased at-sea endurance

Increased endurance means that less time is spent on refueling and gathering provisions to support crew. With the use of Striker’s 55+ knot top speed, shallow draft, and tank-to-tank fuel transfer capabilities, she can quickly reach small ports and increase the endurance for the entire fleet. There’s no need to bring all assets to port.




Enhanced 360° reconnaissance

Marine mammals, pack ice, uncharted waters – whatever the need, Striker is the perfect platform for 360° reconnaissance. The vessel has a mast-mounted IR camera, large drone landing pad on the forecastle, and a large back deck for technology deployment, which all aid in the detection of hazards near the fleet.


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